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Pet Sitting and Nanny

At Red Hill Pet Concierge we pride ourselves on providing first rate pet care that’s tailored to the individual needs of both our two-legged and four-legged clients (equally important in our book!). We offer a range of pet care options that provide an excellent alternative to kennels and catteries and allow your much loved pooch or moggy to remain in the comfort of their own home or enjoy the comfort of one of our homes. No matter what service you choose for your moggy or pooch, your pets will receive first rate care and love from our experienced concierges. Our concierge will feed your pet, ensure they have fresh water, clean their environment (poop scoop/clean kitty litter), ensure their bed is clean and dry and make sure they have all their needs met. Once the basics are taken care of that’s when the fun starts! They will exercise your pets, play with them, cuddle them and most importantly love them!

In Your Home – a trusted animal loving concierge will come and live in your home to care for your pet and your home as you would yourself. This is a great alternative to kennels and catteries as it significantly reduces the stress and anxiety pets feel when their parents go on holidays (and the parents feel less guilty too). Your fur baby will get to stay in a familiar environment and have the same routine as they always would. It also provides increased security for your home and gives you the peace of mind that your home is being looked after too! In addition to providing first rate care for your pets, we will also water indoor plants and your garden, collect your mail and return your home in exactly the same condition it was received.

Home Visits – your fur baby remains in the comfort of its own home and one of our animal loving concierge’s will visit your pet to provide all the care it needs. We will feed your pet, top up their water, clean their kitty litter, poop scoop their yard, make sure their sleeping area is dry and warm, walk them, play with them, cuddle them and most importantly love them!

Doggy Nanny - If you’re away a lot or spend long days at work away from your dog, one of our concierge’s will happily take your much loved pooch under their doggy loving wing and spoil them rotten in your absence. You may travel from interstate for work and want to bring your fur baby with you but can’t keep them in your hotel accommodation, that’s no problem, we’ll happily take them into our homes and look after them as if they were our own. The benefit of having them cared for in the same city you’re staying in is that you can still spend time with them and see them in your spare time. You no longer have to be hours away from your much loved fur baby and go days on end without seeing them.

Price Guide

Prices will vary depending on care requirements, size and number of animals and location. We will provide a tailored service that meets your needs at a very competitive price.

Price Guide
Pet Sitting – Your Home
First night $70; then
$60/night thereafter*
Home Visits
$40 per half hour visit
$60 per hour visit
One on One Dog Walking (includes basic training)
$75 per hour
Group (pack) Dog Walking
$60 per hour
Play Group
$60 per hour
Dog Park Visits
$60 per hour
Doggy Nanny
$80 per day/night

* Lower fees charged for extended pet sitting (e.g > 2 weeks)

Additional fees may be incurred and a surcharge of 20% is charged during the Easter break and from 23rd December - 2nd January.

Dog Walking and Play

One on one walking – your much loved moggy or pooch will be walked by one of our experienced concierges and given one on one, personalised care and attention. This is great for dogs and cats that need a little more care and control when being walked or who are shy, nervous or not particularly social.

Group (pack) Walking – your pooch will be walked with up to 6 other sociable dogs by one of our experienced dog walkers. This is great for dogs that like the company of other dogs and enjoy being part of a pack. Dogs are very sociable animals so this is a great way to socialise your dog and teach them appropriate behaviour around other animals.

Play groups – your dog will spend time in a safe and fun environment enjoying off leash play with other well socialised dogs. Your dog will be collected by a concierge and taken to a local dog park or dog safe off leash area for interactive play that is stimulating and fun. Your dog will have no energy left after an hour at doggy play group!