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As a pet owner you know very well that a pet isn’t just something you own, it’s a friend, a love, a passion. You want to do everything you can to keep your four-footed companion healthy and happy and loved. But sometimes other aspects of your life intrude, or there just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to give your dog or cat the attention they deserve. Maybe your health or age has slowed you down so you can’t keep up with your pet.

Well there’s no longer any need to feel guilty - we at Red Hill Pet Concierge would love to help you with your furry friend!
Do you need help with the day-to-day basics – feeding, exercise, and attention? We’ve got you covered. Can we make a trip to a favourite dog-park? Of course! Arrange a play-date with other well-socialised dogs? We’d love to! We can even offer a ride to the vet’s for that annual check-up.

If you’re away on business but the idea of putting Fido or FiFi in a kennel makes you cringe, we can make daily visits to your home. We can even house-sit if that would make you more comfortable. With our full service Canberra Pet Care coverage, we can offer transportation to anywhere in Canberra and its surrounding areas – including emergency trips to the vet! We can even source specialty pet products.

We are Red Hill Pet Concierge, your Canberra Pet Care experts. We are your non-stop shop for anything your darling’s heart desires!
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Our mission is to provide a wide range of high quality pet care services to the pets of Canberra and surrounding regions, and love and care for them as if they were our own!
Red Hill Pet Concierge

About Belinda, the Owner of Red Hill Pet Concierge

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I have always had pets growing up and a week wouldn't go by without a heartfelt plea to my parents to take in yet another stray that I had happened across while being a kid (back when kids used to play outside!).  I always remember feeling so comforted by the company of my pets and no matter how much teenage angst I had going on, my dog would always make me feel better.

That hasn't changed to this day, except instead of teenage angst it’s adult angst. I followed a career in the corporate world and reached the dizzying heights of Head of Human Resources for a large housing corporation in London.  After many years of burning the candle at both ends, my body decided to pack it in when I fell ill with glandular fever and refused to take time off to recover.  After a long period of poor health I realised I had to reassess what was important to me and discover what really made me happy in life - voíla, Red Hill Pet Concierge was born!

I joke with my friends about being the crazy dog lady because animals truly are such a big part of my life and I put so much of myself into caring for them.  It's not because I'm Mother Theresa of the animal kingdom, it's because I truly, whole-heartedly love it!  I'm happiest when surrounded by animals, it's as simple as that. PS. I'm not actually crazy, although some family and friends may debate that :)